More Pics!

I have some pics – and some news.

First some extra pictures from yesterday I got a hold of this morning 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also – I have big news…

We have just booked our flights to the U.S. for April 4th! Please be in prayer for us!

Right now, it’s almost unimaginable leaving Nicaragua, these precious people, or the amazing missionaries, helpers, and interpreters we have met. I’d much rather get a tranquil house out on the other side of San Ramon and live here for a long time. But the Lord is calling, and we need to answer!

We’ve been here through so much, and come to love these people so much!!! The culture and language have become second nature for us now. Walking around the city has become our main transportation. And just about every time you walk around, you see at least two people you know who are also walking around. It’s so hard to imagine the day when we have to say good-bye and head to the airport, but it’s coming.

However, it is getting hard here, I will be honest. It would be relaxing to know I go anywhere and speak English or eat anything and not get sick. Or walk anywhere and not get made fun of for my eyes or stopped by a drunk or a beggar. But we always remind ourselves that it is for the glory of God, and we are jubilant about the reward that His Kingdom now has.

Overall, it is with mixed feelings I imagine setting foot in the United States again.

I first imagine my dogs licking me and cuddling.

I then think of our dear friends here in a slideshow in my brain – some Nicaraguan, some American, and others from other countries. I think of all the dear hearts we will leave behind.

But then I flash to our dear friends at 424 Lower Dowda Mill Rd at the Barn, a Thursday night worship service.

And I think of mountains, little dirty huts, and people with cute little pulperías.

But I flash to my hometown airport – and Wal-Mart – and Chick-fil-a.

It’s a hard position to be in, but I’m excited for what the Lord has in store.

Please pray for:

  • Peace in us – it feels so wrong and sad to have to leave in two weeks!!
  • Favor with all governments, officials, and agents we will encounter.
  • Many opportunities to spread the Gospel in these last (less than) two weeks and on the journey.
  • Whatever the Lord lays on your heart 🙂


Thanks for the prayers,



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