Book Review: In the Shadow of His Wings

Hello fam! I have another book review for ya today, and then one after this which I’ll be publishing in the near future, and then I’m hoping to get back with y’all with some regular posts and updates on my life! I’m excited to get back on the blog and share life updates, things God is teaching me, quick encouragement, and news about music releases πŸ˜€

Before all that though, today I’m here to share with you guys a coffee table style devotional filled with lovely bird photography and 40 encouraging devotionals inspired by birds. Let’s dive in to my thoughts on In the Shadow of His Wings by Roslynn Long!

Note: I wasn’t able to upload the cover image because of technical issues but it is beautiful!

Also thanks to Bethany House for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review πŸ™‚

The Things I Liked

  • The design truly is a sight to behold and I do love the hardback feel. Whether you’re interested in putting this book on your nightstand, in your bathroom, or on your coffee table, it’ll fit your aesthetic.
  • The devotions themselves are so inspiring and scriptural, and I believe if you love birds you will love this book even more. The tie-ins between Scripture, Christian life, and ornithology was really interesting, even to someone who is not really into birding.
  • The devotions are easy to understand but still encouraging and deep, and would appeal to any Christian who needs to be encouraged, regardless of background. They’re also in nice bite-sized chunks, not too short and not too long.

The Things I Didn’t Like

  • When I was looking into this book, I completely misunderstood the provided synopsis (shown below) to mean that there would be some inspiration for actual interior design of the home. I realize this is likely just me being half-asleep when I read the synopsis and not looking into it enough beforehand, but I got my hopes up a bit since I’m getting more into interior decorating and homemaking and thought this book would provide inspiration for the home alongside devotions, with some bird photography on the side. Like I said, probably my fault, but I was super disappointed about this when I got the book. I’ll bold the areas of the synopsis that gave me this idea.

“From traditional and reflective to humorous and playful, each of these 40 devotions consists of a biblically based reading, stunning bird photography, and an elegant interior design.  
Whether you love birds, admire nature, or are simply looking for an encouraging read, let this book bring a daily dose of peace, connection with the Lord, and enjoyment of nature into your home. “

Bethany House


Definitely recommend this book as long as you’re not expecting a homemaking inspo book like I was πŸ˜‰


I really do love hearing from you guys, so even if it’s just a hello, be sure to drop a comment down below! What books have you recently discovered that you’d recommend I read? Do you have any prayer requests I could be praying for?

Thanks so much for joining me today – I hope to see you around soon ❀


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