Cyber Monday

Go grab the deals before TIME RUNS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what those crazy emails say from these big department stores. Hopefully, you didn't fall for it and instead decided to hear my (not so) humble opinion on who you should listen to, me or them. I think my opinion is quite obvious. Well, I went to …

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Thanksgiving Eve

Today we have arrived at the wonderful Thanksgiving Eve! One of the greatest known holidays, Santa comes by and drops down the chimney and.... Oh, right. That's Christmas Eve. Oh, well. What a disappointment. Meanwhile, we can at least anticipate tomorrow's Thanksgiving! I went on a schpeal about the wonderfulalities of the bestest holiday season …

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Two Days!!

We have two days on the Thanksgiving countdown... I am so excited to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, National Dog Show, and eat good food, as well as cook it! How is y'all's Thanksgiving break? I have none, so mine is non-existent, unlike yours, which is(hopefully) going great! I have finished my wonderful biography on …

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