Of Gifts, Beautiful Saturdays, and Laptops

Hello everyone! I just received a touchscreen laptop for Christmas along with some clothes and some other big gifts! I am trading out my phone for my mom's because she just got an s5! How was y'all's (Am I supposed to put two apostrophes there?) Christmas? We had a quite wonderful time. We had a …

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Christmas Eve Eve

It's a beautiful winter season with beautiful weather. Maybe not a white Christmas, but it's still beautiful. There's two ways I like my Christmases: T-shirt weather or snow white. I think that if the weather has to be freezing, it might as well be pretty while it's at it. If it has to be clear, …

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Hello! If anyone's wondering about that elleeverydaysite part, WordPress has to add that because I chose their free plan. The true name of the site, if you're wondering, is ElleEveryday. 🙂 Listening to the Gold album by Britt Nicole. It's really good! I'm sorry about the cut-off message, but I need to be going. Again, …

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