Part 1 – Jinotega Adventure: Off to Jinotega Department!

Hey y’all!

Now that we’re in the final countdown for our flight back <cue the music>, we want to spend our last eleven days well.

That said, we’re meeting a fellow missionary family (Isaac, Jessica, and their three kids- I’ve posted about them before) at the bus station later this morning to catch a bus to Jinotega (the city), to eventually catch a bus there to go to another, smaller city, which is a ways from the actual city of Jinotega.

But we’ll still be in the department of Jinotega.

Nicaragua’s so confusing sometimes.

Anyways, our friends will be staying all weekend, as they are holding services there tonight, tomorrow night, and Sunday night. We, however, cannot stay for the whole weekend, as I’ve been invited to help do worship at La Fuente on Sunday. The buses don’t late enough for us to return to Matagalpa after tomorrow’s service, and they don’t run early enough for me to make it to church by 7:30.

That said, we’ll be staying there for the night after tonight’s service and heading back tomorrow for me to get back in time for La Fuente.

Please be in prayer for the weekend, and that it will bring in a lot of harvest for the Lord!

Thanks for prayers!


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