Nutrition Center!

We’ve had an amazing day today ๐Ÿ™‚

First, we met our new friend Christiam (this is the correct spelling – the spelling in the captions is wrong) and her dear son Christopher at our house, after which we hitched a ride on one of the cheap local taxis to the (Guanuca) North Market (whose bus station generally handles bus rides in the Matagalpa department, but South Market handles stuff to places quite a bit farther away) here in Matagalpa. We live on the “south side,” which is surprisingly safe, so we needed a taxi to take us to the north side.

After a taxi ride, we met up with our friend and interpreter Daniel at the gigantic North Market bus station.

We then boarded our bus and sat around in it and chatted a little while waiting for the bus to head out (which is unusual, considering it’s normally a high-action, packed chicken bus).

Then, we rode out of the town and picked Elisha and Jehoiada (read about them in one of my past blogs here) up at a corner. The three of usย squashed into one bus bench and bounced along until we were all able to pile off at the nutrition center.

Here, I’ll let pictures speak their thousand words and take over ๐Ÿ™‚

Then, we headed off to San Ramon – again, on a chicken bus – and enjoyed some delicious pizza, after which we enjoyed the beautiful, green (unlike Matagalpa) city of San Ramon.

For more info on the nutrition center, you can click here, where I talked about what the main idea of the place is and shared some past blogs regarding the center.

Thanks for staying updated, and don’t forget to take my latest quiz here to help me form my now-Nicaraguan blog.

See you soon,



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