Book Review: Passport to Heaven

Hello friends! Once again, it’s been a while, but you probably don’t want to keep hearing about that at the beginning of every blog post…anyways, I do hope I will get the inspiration and motivation and free time to return to regular blogging (stuff other than book reviews!!), but we’ll see what God’s plans are in that area. Meanwhile, I’m here to share an amazing book that was generously given to me by Adam’s Road Ministry in exchange for a review. Honestly, I knew I would love this book before it was given to me – I read a sample I got from Google and was completely sucked into it, and I can’t wait for y’all to get to experience it too!


This book chronicles Micah Wilder’s journey from being a zealous and devout Mormon missionary to being a faithful follower and witness of the truth of Jesus, and how he came to that truth and was delivered from Mormonism while on his Mormon mission.

The Things I Liked

  • Micah’s writing is incredibly gripping and relatable. At times, his story seems too amazing to be true and yet it is 100% true.
  • As someone who had just begun developing friendships and shining the love of Jesus in the lives of Mormon missionaries last year, this book was so interesting to me and gave me insight into the LDS system that I’d never had, despite my loads of research. If you have any Mormons in your life, have ever thought Mormonism to be a bit tempting or convincing, want to know how you can witness to the missionaries at your door, or have no connection to the LDS church and just want an interesting read, this is for you.
  • In the past, reading about Mormon doctrine strangely seemed almost enticing, especially when backed up by the joyful, sweet, caring lives they lead and the quintessential image they have. This book lovingly exposes the nasty truth of Mormonism and repelled me from its doctrine while at the same time driving me to my knees to love and pray for the Mormons I know and even the ones I don’t know.
  • The Gospel is so clearly presented in this that anyone, Christian, LDS, or otherwise, can understand and is introduced to the wonders of God’s love and mercy.

The Things I Didn’t Like

Honestly, there’s not much to say here, but for the sake of having a section here, I’ll try to think of something! 😉

  • There are a couple minor points of doctrine I differ from Micah on, but these don’t really matter for the point of the story, and you’ll be encouraged no matter what you believe on these. I don’t recall in detail what these points are since they don’t matter greatly, so I won’t get into them here.

Note to Parents

In terms of content, there’s really not much to bring up here that I recall. The subject matter may go over some younger kids’ heads, so, as always, I would encourage you to read this yourself and then make the call as for whether your younger child should be reading this, but any spiritually mature child over 8 or so would really enjoy this.


All I have to say is: buy this book! I would especially recommend buying it from Adam’s Road Ministry so that you can support them in all the ministry they do.


Have you ever read this book? Do you have any recommendations for future book reviews? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


One thought on “Book Review: Passport to Heaven

  1. Dori Lovett

    I also LOVED this book! I would highly recommend reading this captivating, exciting, real-life documentary of a devout Mormon’s journey to true salvation and freedom found only in a relationship with Jesus. GET THIS BOOK!

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