Liebster Award!

Hey friends! It’s been too long, which is definitely my fault, but I want to work on that here in the near future. I’m hoping to catch up on the big events of this past summer/fall, share some things God has been teaching me, and post some pictures of life lately, but we’ll see 🙂

This is the first time I’ve ever done the Liebster Award, and, as you’ve probably noticed, I don’t do awards very often. But my friend Keziah just nominated anyone who’d want to do it and I saw an opportunity to get back on the blog! (Thanks so much, girl, for opening this up! You’re awesome ❤️)

Here’s the rules to start out with:

-thank the blogger who nominated you
-answer the eleven questions he/she asked
-nominate eleven more bloggers for the award (and notify them of their nominations)
-ask your eleven nominated bloggers eleven new questions

Here are Keziah’s questions:

If you had to be a bird or a turtle, which would you choose?

Most definitely a bird. The freedom is just so beautiful!

Do you like sunsets or sunrises?

Hmmm…I guess I haven’t thought much about them but I’ll be honest and say I definitely see sunsets more often – lol. I should try to see more of both though!

What is your personal opinion on mask-wearing?

I know this is super controversial, but my parents and I don’t wear them, mostly because my parents already had covid and we feel like, by scientific evidence, it can’t possibly filter out such small particles as covid. And I don’t personally feel like breathing in one’s own carbon dioxide could possible be healthy so I choose not to wear one the majority of the time. But I respect people that wear them and believe that, no matter your thoughts on masks or politics or distancing or anything else that will pass away, we should all unite together as the Body of Christ.

If you could outlaw anything that is currently regulated, what would it be?

I kinda stole this one from the comments of Keziah’s blog but abortion is definitely my answer to this.

What is something you are very passionate about, that you want others to know of?

Jesus died so that we can live free from sin and its consequences. All we have to do is turn away from everything that has held us in bondage and He delivers us from it. And I’m always open to talk about it ❤️

How can I be praying for you (just use my contact page for this one. I would absolutely love to know how I can pray for you, and I’ll write it down and make sure to do just that. Please. I’d really love it if y’all did… 🙂 )

Thank you girly!

What is your primary love language (Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Service, or Quality Time… and if you don’t know, just check out the website, here. 🙂 )?

For me physical touch and words of affirmation are super important so they tie for number 1 with a close second of quality time.

If you could have any job and still bring in enough for a steady income, what would you do?

Tutoring 😁

What is your opinion on the subject of psychology as a whole?

Honestly I have no idea because I know so little about it… But I think, from what I do know, it could be easy to go down a path of human wisdom rather than knowing God and relying on the Holy Spirit.

What is the funniest thing you’ve read this past month?

My group chat with my amazing honorary siblings (Hannah, Brayden, and Teagan) gets hilarious some days and I often end up laughing almost out loud while reading the messages (love y’all 😆❤️)

What is the most inspirational books you’ve read (the Bible doesn’t count…)?

The number 1 top inspirational book I’ve read is definitely The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun (100% recommend!) and One Small Step by Matthew Barnett, as well as the Orphan Trains trilogy, have also been inspirations to me.

My questions:

1. What’s a bad habit you want to break?

2. How many siblings do you have or are you an only child?

3. What do you feel God is calling you to do in this upcoming season of your life and how has He been using you?

4. Who has encouraged you in the past year to be who God has made you to be?

5. What pleasantly surprised you in 2020?

6. I know this is a repeat from Keziah’s blog, but what is/are your primary love language(s)? (Link above in Keziah’s question 7)

7. What is your preferred way to exercise?

8. What excites you the most about walking with God?

9. What dreams has God placed in you for this year?

10. What’s your favorite way to earn money on the side?

11. Who has a way of comforting you when you’re upset?

I nominate anyone who wants to do this and I’d love to see your answers to one or more of my questions in the comments even if you don’t want to do it on your blog!

Love y’all! ❤️


6 thoughts on “Liebster Award!

      1. Hannah Haertel

        Hey Elle I’m answering your questions in the comments like ya asked 🤗
        1. Getting distracted when I’m supposed to be doing school.
        2. I have five siblings, 3 sisters that are younger than me and 1 bro older and one younger.
        3. I feel that God is calling me to build my relationship stronger with Him and to be a light to all the people around me so that everyone will see God in me and want the joy He brings to me.
        4. Some peeps who have really encouraged me are some of my good friends, and my parents, especially Elle (youuu), Jacob (my big bro), my mom and brayden and teagan who are friends from the Bible study we do.
        5. Ummm, the Bible study we’re doing is growing so fast!!! And I’m so blessed and surprised how God is using it in the community.
        6. My primary love language is definitely physical touch, because I love and cherish cuddles and hugs and kisses, but words of affirmation also make me feel very loved too.
        7. My preferred way to exercise is either just running in the hills or playing basketball with my friends. I also like doing bodyweight exercise too!
        8. The thing that excites me most about my walk with God is probably how He is using me and will use me to make people’s faith stronger and witness to non Christians!
        9. Some dreams I have this year, are growing bible study, going on a mission trip to Nicaragua with our bible study group, and visiting and applying to colleges this summer/year.
        10. Hmmm… my favorite way to earn money on the side is probably baby sitting because I love to work with little kids!!!
        11. Whenever I’m upset I talk to God first and He comforts me, but when I need a person to talk to, I either talk to Sophie my younger sis or Elle my best friend!!
        Thanks Elle!!! Love ya sis!!! 🤗 ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

        1. 1. Still haven’t broken this even though I’m done with school 😬
          2. Yep and I love them so much ❤️
          3. Yessss me tooooo
          4. Aww so sweeeet
          5. Yess that has been amazing to watch God move and so many things He’s done have surprised me!
          6. For sureee
          7. Pickles tho lol
          8. Amen 🙌🏻
          9. Nica is going to be amazing and Bible study is too! God is going to do such amazing things and I’m so excited to see it unfold and it’s so cool that we get to have some of the same dreams this year!
          10. Kids are so fun
          11. Awww love you girl



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