Book Review: They Shall Expel Demons

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been sooo long since I posted – lately, my social media energies have been focused on my fairly new YouTube channel. But I needed to make a return on the blog in order to post my long overdue review post on the new expanded version of They Shall Expel Demons by Derek Prince. Stay tuned!


This book is an amazing, solid teaching book that really brings to life Jesus’ teaching that believers in Him will cast out demons (Mark 16:15). If you’ve ever read that passage and wondered how that could apply to a modern believer’s life, this book is for you!

The Things I Liked

  • This book is presented in a very methodical and logical teaching pattern that is deep, yet easy to understand.
  • Mr. Prince, in this book, demystifies the subject and brings Jesus’ words to life in a way that is not creepy or scary, but rather, relatable and modern.
  • In this book, I learned why I believe what I’ve been taught my entire life.
  • A lot of practical examples from a lifetime of ministry are shared in this book. If you have read any of my other book reviews on nonfiction teaching books, you know I love stories and examples!
  • I was encouraged in this book to be bold in getting free from the things I’ve been bound to, like sins and lies from the enemy, and to be humble in talking about it. This book will bring you to a place of freedom in Christ if you let Him free you!

The Things I Didn’t Like

  • I disagree with a couple statements made, but that’s the case in most books. So don’t let my convictions stop you from getting this life-changing book! Just pray about everything individually as you encounter it, and decide with the Holy Spirit whether or not you agree with what is taught. (In case you’re wondering, I disagree with Mr. Prince on the topics of Israel, spiritual authority, and limits on deliverance ministry. If you read the book and are wondering what I believe differently than Mr. Prince, send me a note in my contact form!) These topics are not a big enough deal to dissuade anyone from getting this book.

Note to Parents

This book is probably not the first book your kid is going to want to pick up just because of the depth of it, but if your child is very spiritually mature and would want to read this, or you want to read this in family devotions, I would recommend pre-reading it before you hand it to them. There are stories in here of deliverance and freedom from issues that your child may not need to read about. It’s completely up to you and God!


The teaching in this book is most likely new and revolutionary for you, but it is entirely Scriptural and I would wholeheartedly recommend this to you for your growth in Christ. If you’re ready to grow closer to God and be victorious over the enemy’s plans for your life, definitely plan to get this book!


Have you read this book or any others by Derek Prince? What books have you been reading lately? Do you have any topic suggestions for my next blog post or YouTube video?


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