Book Review: One Small Step

Hey friends! Long time no see 🙂 This book review is long overdue, so I'm excited to finally be bringing this to you! I've been having WordPress issues relating to not being "allowed to edit this post" so I'm having to write this on my phone (thus the shortness and any formatting issues)...if any of …

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Senior Pictures

Heyy! Long time no see 😂 So much has happened over the past couple months that are post-worthy...I've just been way too busy doing them to post about them. XD I finally have some time now though, so here goes, starting with senior pictures way back in May! We decided to do these the cheapest …

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Overcoming Fears

Y’all check this post out. I couldn’t agree more, as Lee addresses something I’ve dealt with, and I pray this touches you as it has me.

Lee Ammerman

Fear has a funny way of lying to you. Fear tells you that “it’s always going to be this way” or, “the worst will happen.” Your own fears are always more real to you than the ones someone else struggles with. So, is there a way out of fear, or is it something you’ll always struggle with?

My own struggle

I recently battled with fear myself. I was afraid of falling into pride. I don’t like what pride does to people. It’s actually very silly when you think about it. Especially when it comes to Supernatural Ministry. If we know anything, we know that God is the one who heals, speaks, delivers, and saves. So thinking that I had some strength in myself to accomplish that would be really laughable. However, fear whispered to me, “you see, that’s why you’re excited about speaking in front of people…

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