Feeling Better

Hey y'all! I'm feeling a bit better today. I got a report from my Compassion International child in Togo with some updated facts, prayers, and pictures about her in the mail, and I got a YWAM Publishing flyer with information about my favorite series, Christian Heroes: Then and Now, along with other great series I …

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Youth in Missions

Hey y'all! Sorry I've been taking so much time off from Elle Everyday lately... I didn't feel very good at all, with fever, chills, and other nasty junk 😦 Still not feeling my best, but better. I'm beginning to look at World Race, part of Adventures in Missions. It's a program for young adults to …

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New Project w/ Elle Everyday + Frigid Weather + Chia Pod Review

Hey y'all! I'm here for my daily post 🙂  I have a couple things to share. First, I'm embarking on an exciting new project within Elle Everyday - a Contact Me page! I just recently started developing an About page because I didn't want to share too much information about myself before, but now I …

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