Part 5 – Jinotega Adventure: Lost

It was seemingly normal, seeing first Elisha, then his siblings descend the hill into the valley. After all, there's not a day without an adventure in their lives. But something felt wrong. Very wrong. Being the only one watching the ordeal, I knew it wasn't up to me to instruct or discipline any of the three …

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Part 1 – Jinotega Adventure: Off to Jinotega Department!

Hey y'all! Now that we're in the final countdown for our flight back <cue the music>, we want to spend our last eleven days well. That said, we're meeting a fellow missionary family (Isaac, Jessica, and their three kids- I've posted about them before) at the bus station later this morning to catch a bus …

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More Pics!

I have some pics - and some news. First some extra pictures from yesterday I got a hold of this morning 🙂 Also - I have big news... We have just booked our flights to the U.S. for April 4th! Please be in prayer for us! Right now, it's almost unimaginable leaving Nicaragua, these precious …

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