Liebster Award!

Hey friends! It's been too long, which is definitely my fault, but I want to work on that here in the near future. I'm hoping to catch up on the big events of this past summer/fall, share some things God has been teaching me, and post some pictures of life lately, but we'll see 🙂 …

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Book Review: One Small Step

Hey friends! Long time no see 🙂 This book review is long overdue, so I'm excited to finally be bringing this to you! I've been having WordPress issues relating to not being "allowed to edit this post" so I'm having to write this on my phone (thus the shortness and any formatting issues)...if any of …

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God spared our lives

Thought y’all might enjoy this post as much as I did 🙂

Jesus our deliverer

God spared usGod spared our lives!

On August 21st, my oldest brother (Michael) and I were driving on a two-way road when an oncoming vehicle crossed the yellow line and hit us head-on.

We were taken to the hospital by ambulance.  After 6 stitches and observations, I was discharged the following evening.

God worked it out perfectly; the morning before the accident, I had finished editing a film we’re making about a widow friend of ours; Jill Hunter Clem(Coming soon).  In the trauma bay and while being sutured, I was able to share her story with the nurses and doctors.

In our upcoming film, “Satisfied”, I play the role of Shawn.  In the film, Shawn is hit by a car and taken to the hospital.  With permission we were able to film the hospital scene, right before I was discharged!

God is good! He is faithful! We know that…

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