Another Update!

Hello everyone! I would like to finish the stories of 2/16/16, and maybe fit in some of last week. 🙂 So, after lunch on 2/16/16, we set back out to the villages. There were many things we were able to see in the beautiful countryside of Matagalpa and the surrounding areas. We then began the …

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Nicaragua Trip Update – 2/18/16

Hello everyone! As you have probably inferred, I am pretty behind on my blog, but I am not too worried. Alabanza, gloria y honor a solamente Dios verdadero y santo!  I want to encourage you before I tell you about day before yesterday. If all the prayers that were promised were actually prayed, this would be a different …

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Nicaragua Trip Update – Midnight Cultural Culinary Lesson

Hello! I wanted to give you a late-night update on what happened tonight. We went to Pastor Jairo's house and had a WONDERFUL dinner! We had pollo(chicken), which was very tender and juicy. It was marinated, then grilled. We also had some delicious papas fritas, which can mean anything from potato chips, French fries, or any other …

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