Thanksgiving Eve

Today we have arrived at the wonderful Thanksgiving Eve! One of the greatest known holidays, Santa comes by and drops down the chimney and…. Oh, right. That’s Christmas Eve. Oh, well. What a disappointment.

Meanwhile, we can at least anticipate tomorrow’s Thanksgiving! I went on a schpeal about the wonderfulalities of the bestest holiday season EVER yesterday, so I won’t do it today. Instead, I’ll rattle off a bunch of funny and fake words. How’s that?

We have made minimal preparations for tomorrow. We have purchased two pies from the store and we are thawing a frozen turkey now. I am greatly yearning for the promised slice of pecan pie for lunch dessert, because I just finished my tasty lunch of steak and eggs. Who’s excited for Black Friday?? I sure am! We got like three cameras last year, so I’m excited for all the new cheap stuff we can get. I’ll let you know if we get anything and if we do, what it is.

And, to update you on my latest book reading, I started a biography about a missionary named Amy Carmichael yesterday. I’ll probably finish this book by the end of the week. The end of the week will hopefully be a glorious ending to a wonderful week. Meanwhile, stay tuned on Elle Everyday!


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