Two Days!!

We have two days on the Thanksgiving countdown… I am so excited to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, National Dog Show, and eat good food, as well as cook it! How is y’all’s Thanksgiving break? I have none, so mine is non-existent, unlike yours, which is(hopefully) going great!

I have finished my wonderful biography on Ida Scudder, and I hope to start another re-read soon.

As usual, I am very busy thinking up a new organization. It’s very fun and inspiring to think of this organization, and I am quite ready to start it. But, as usual, I must slow down with the organizations and think them out for a bit. It is fun to think these things out, but sometimes I like to just get it started with no delay, which is the goal for this organization, called the Kingdom Force.

Have you seen those countdowns to Christmas? You know, the ones at Walmart that started in, like, July? What do you think about those? I personally think the whole idea of starting a Christmas countdown at Halloween is extremely over-rated. After all, it’s almost two months before the holiday. I very rarely start plans or countdowns at this time. My personal countdown for an event starts like two days before it unless it’s like my birthday. Then, it’s a week. I’m mostly a last minute person. My plans start the day before the night that it happens most times. My whole family’s like that. 

One thing to look forward to is the holidays. You imagine the lavishly decorated (and plated) Thanksgiving table, laughing with friends at the pumpkin patch, Christmas trees, garlands, and the extravagant New Years’ Party. Apple orchards, winter shopping, and student’s remorse often follow. This party-planning, dog-show-watching, oops-forgot-my-parka season of fall and winter is filled with presents, joy, presents, and for some, stress. Did I mention presents? Oh, good, I thought I forgot. 🙂 


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