Black Friday

Black Friday is upon us once again with it’s full shopping carts and empty wallets. The day that the preparations for Christmas begin, gift-wise at least, and kids get excited.I just had a wonderful shopping day myself. I got several new gifts, one a bicycle and another a new laptop which we have not purchased yet. I sincerely hope I forget of these gifts so that they may be a wonderful surprise Christmas morning.Yesterday, Thanksgiving, the three of us alone had a most wonderful time. My mother and I watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning and all three of us watched the National Dog Show later. My favorite breed would probably have to be the Newfoundland. During the last half of the dog show, we sat around the table for a gigantic Thanksgiving lunch, followed by a movie and late-night shopping for clothes. I got a brand new storage stick to go with my laptop. I am very excited! I am going to be pretty busy as for my businesses, which is probably why they are named “busy”nesses. I need to do some work on some documents, and if I plan on completing the book I am authoring, I need to get at it. Although my days are busy with anticipation, businesses, and of course, school, there’s gotta be time for family and friends. And flying. And faith, most importantly. Priorities! Have y’all seen the latest movies? I loved Woodlawn and Peanuts, as well as War Room. I just saw a trailer for something called The Secret Life of Pets. It looks really cute. I think I would like to see it when it comes out. With all this going on, I think I would relish the relaxation of watching Jeopardy! tonight, so you must excuse me, as it comes on in two minutes. 🙂 I hope y’all have a very blessed evening and a wonderful Saturday. As usual, you are invited to Mount Paran Church this Sunday at 9 and 11:15. Check out my last posts for more info!



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