Thanksgiving Break

Well, it’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving and it’s ensuing break is back around again, isn’t it? I personally don’t receive Thanksgiving Break because I am slightly behind in my schooling. But don’t worry, because I will probably take off Thursday for Turkey Day. :~) Right now, I am on lunch break, which is a welcome relief from constant math quizzes. I submitted several quizzes just now, which is good to have off my mind all the time. Meanwhile, I have decided to upload some kind of Thanksgiving-related picture today, and more could follow. My family still doesn’t know what is going to happen on Thanksgiving, as our remaining family is preoccupied. Looks like it will be a three-person Thanksgiving! Either that or we invite some friends, which will be equally awesome. 🙂 I must go make the most of my lunch and read and eat, so I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break, and eat well this week!


One thought on “Thanksgiving Break

  1. Aunt Leslie

    Hey Miss Elle! Aunt Leslie here… very interesting words that you put down here. I know that you know that whether there are 3 or 23 around your table our Father God is with us…right in the middle of it all. Uncle Ron and I have one Thanksgiving where we had others to celebrate with us. … in the flesh. It’s all good…! Now go have and enjoy some of that turkey!!!

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