Sleep Late Saturday

Greetings and salutations! I hope you are having a delightful Saturday today! I woke up at a fairly regular time this morning, only to stay in bed about an hour longer reading my book. The books I mentioned yesterday I have completed, so I am onto a re-read called Brother Andrew: God’s Secret Agent by Janet and Geoff Benge. It and it’s whole series are a delightful read. While you research that, allow me to tell you of a new organization I hope to found. It is called the Kingdom Force, and it is for Christian youths of 10-17 years of age. When children join, they come to regular meetings where recent revelations of the Bible are shared and a Bible passage is read and then a discussion ensues on what it was about. We pray and several songs are sung as well. We not just have our meetings, but we go on foreign and domestic outreaches on a regular basis. We trust God completely for our needs. I have found several kids who would be quite at home in such an organization, so I wish to start it as soon as possible. I also have just received a new order in my organization Hands of Love Finger-knitting. If you are interested, check out I am excited about these events happening. I have a fun day ahead of me, so I’ll see y’all Monday!


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