Cold, Dead Religion

Another word from my dad:

I’m not impressed or interested in some cold dead religion no matter how many lights are put up, how short the seductive skirts get, how loud they make the music, the flavor of the coffee or how slick the counseling self-help TED talks are. You can keep it!!!

I need the fiery, red-hot, bondage-breaking, Gospel-proclaiming Holy Ghost Fire. 🔥🔥🔥

Experience His Love for you…



And here’s an article about the pastor and the church as we know it. Please read this article!! It’s an easy read but very informative. However, I do think that this article and its author have flaws, as all do. For example, a couple quotes as taken from Luther and others are actually somewhat true. But overall, I think the gist of the article is pretty good. So eat the watermelon and spit out the seeds.

God bless!


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