Pray, Give, or Go.

Here’s another old (as in 6 months ago) post…

Elle's Everyday

I once heard about a saying a missionary said. This missionary, Reuben Larson, was on a speaking tour of America. His message was to get more involved in missions, and his slogan was Pray, Give, or Go.

This sounds correct, and better yet, very inspiring. You would think this would encourage many Americans to forsake their complacent lifestyle, but rather, I think it encourages it. Upon praying and thinking about the subject, I discovered why. Not only did I discover why, but I discovered the better way.

Praying is good. Most Christians grasp this concept. Many of those tend to pray about missions on a regular basis. So Larson telling us to pray is not bad in and of itself. The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. We must pray. This is vital to the Christian life. This is simply communication with our loving Daddy, and I’ve never…

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