Giving & Receiving Honor – My Dad’s Facebook Page

If it’s impossible to receive honor, how is it possible to even give honor?
If we examine what or whom we honor or praise we might be surprised to find a demonic stronghold in us and that we could actually be practicing idolatry, paganism, witchcraft and necromancy.

Here’s a list for you think about consider.  Again, seek His Word and in what He says and allow Holy Spirit to speak to you and lead through repentance and deliverance.

Can these “receive” honor?

– Inanimate objects (i.e. flags, medals, pins, plaques, statues, buildings, rocks, caverns, the Constitution, National Monuments, grave markers, sentimental items, courtrooms, judicial systems, documents, articles, head markers, jewelry, books, paper, churches, governments, laws, institution’s founding documents)

– Temporary feelings, emotions, or heritagess

Ask, “Do I ‘honor’ anything other than thanking God for what He has done or who is currently alive that sacrifice as in service that can receive my honor” and “do I have pride in my life”

Allow God to do a new work in your life.


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