Who Is Called To Preach?

Is it only ordained people? Only men? Only people older than 20 and younger than 60 or 70? Who exactly is appointed to preach, and what exactly is their role?

These are just some of the many questions flying around the body, and this topic is probably one of the most debated and most important.

Finding answers to these questions with an objective approach and a pure heart from Scripture could change the body of believers as we know it.

As you might know, I have gone over this subject many times.

So I wanted to compile some of my very favorites on this topic, and I hope you’ll find this helpful.

First, there’s this post on the Great Commission. Here, I talk about our true callings as found in Christ Jesus’s own words.

And as you’re going over that one, you might enjoy this post on the remnant. In this post, I discuss the trademark signs of the true remnant and pose a challenging question: do we have them?

And this post on fitting in is not to miss. In this one I discuss how fitting in has been fatal to the faith of many believers, and their callings too.

I would also like to throw in this awesome article about a similar subject. I hope this helps. We love y’all!



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