“Supporting the Mission” + Worshipping the Vessel

Hey y’all! It’s time for more revelation from the Holy Spirit… This time, instead of me writing it, it’s actually from my dad’s Facebook post – it was just so good, I couldn’t resist sharing here on Elle Everyday. It’s kind of a 2-in-1 post, but they go together so well it’s not worth separating them. I pray you’re blessed and inspired by this – remember: it’s your call to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all nations.” It’s time for you to step on the scene!!


When did Paul or any of the early followers of Jesus Christ (ekklesia) come off their “mission field” to raise support??? Or, when did they leave their calling or assignment to go to another country, people group, or reach out under the pretense to raise support so they could build buildings in order to run their race?

I haven’t​ found where this is part of the commissioning of Jesus, having to “Raise support before I go” or “I have to break from ministry and raise some more money.”

Of course we can choose to share the vision that the Lord has laid on our hearts and take our needs before the Lord as we head out into the world to preach the gospel and love on the least of these, but it should not interfere with the calling and anointing He has placed on ALL that are in the Body.

There are many ministries and churches that are falling into the trap of operating in witchcraft. They think they are doing something for His Kingdom, but in reality they are using satan’s tools of manipulation, control, domination, condemnation and guilt, and it is causing a burden on the backs of His Bride to keep them weighed down and controlled, hindering the flow of Holy Spirit in and out of the life of the believer.

Jesus’ Blood paid the price to be completely free…free to Live, free to Love, free to Give, and free to Receive ~ and all without guilt, control or condemnation.

The free gift of Jesus can make you completely FREE today. Seek Him and allow Holy Spirit to set free and empower you.

Run the race that is set before YOU without looking back….


Don’t stop short and worship the vessel…

There’s a River of Life that’s​ going forth out of the Spirit filled believer, but many times we stop short and start analyzing or worshipping, or at the very least lifting up the vessel and thinking more highly or expecting more of it than we should.

It’s just a vessel and has nothing to do with its contents. As an example, those that choose to drink fine wine know this: they really couldn’t care less what the bottle looks like, how well designed the label is, how it’s presented or even the age, just as long as the flavor of the fermented juice takes the taste buds of the person on the delightful journey of fully experiencing all of its characteristics and attributes.

So, how much more is Holy Spirit?!? Don’t settle for a well dressed empty suit or tainted half-Gospel. Desire the More directly from the Source…

Repent and make Jesus Christ Lord of your life, be baptized by water and Spirit and live abundantly.

We love you. But more importantly Jesus loves you!!!



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