Greetings from South Dakota!

This has been SO amazing lately and we are so honored to be a part of everything that’s happening.

First, we have an offer to drive up to Alaska! We’re super excited to see if and when this pans out, and what the Lord does with this opportunity. If the Lord gives everyone the go-ahead, Alaska may be our next stop instead of staying here for the entire summer. If this goes ahead, I’ll update you on everything and let you know how this opened up and everything.

We have had many opportunities to minister to the locals here and share Jesus.

I also went to a fishing workshop (which they call Nature Day Camps) last Wednesday and I had a lot of fun. It was a lot of younger kids, so at first I was a little unsure, but I had a great time helping out and renewing my fishing knowledge. After, we stayed on with some of the other kids and went swimming in Angostura, the beautiful local dam.

Then, on Saturday, we decided we would go to the smaller workshops the rangers do at the campgrounds. We knew it would mostly consist of folks out of their campers from the campground, but we went anyways.

The rangers, Trista and Julie, whom I had met at the fishing day, were happy to see me and I was happy to know that they were the teachers.

Since then, we’ve sold the large, covered utility trailer that we brought up here from Georgia, bought a washer, and shared Jesus with many.

We’re looking forward to what the Lord has for us to do in the near future!!

PLEASE check this website out:

I’m SO excited to get involved with this ministry when I am old enough.

Also, I remember telling you of a ministry for kids a few months ago. The Lord has given me an urgency for that to start. Please pray that this will become a reality.

Thank you Jesus!


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