Food and Instruments

Hey y’all! I’m back! Unfortunately, despite, or perhaps because of, the extra week given to complete answers for my Food poll, there were only two answers… Me and – you’ll never ever guess – my cousin. If you’re not a frequent, you probably have no idea what I mean. And that’s okay. I guess it’s still my responsibility to update you on those answers… So I will.

Everybody liked dessert. I know. It’s a very stupid question.

There were mixed answers on the crazy question of rather you like salad or not… Well, they wouldn’t have been mixed had I not put in my “it depends” answer.

The average rating of spinach salad was 4/10. I know. It’s way too high of a rating for spinach salad. I said 0/10.

When asked salad or dessert, the answers split 50/50. I did not choose salad.

And I had another stupid question… Do you like mac and cheese? Very stupid question. I admit it. But the answers were all quite normal: yes, I like mac and cheese.

And the milk question (What kind of milk do you drink?” was split between whole and 2%,

And that’s it.

But I’ll share our latest poll: Instruments!!!!! This should be our funnest poll yet. (next to Aviation. And maybe Blogger Knowledge) You can find it here. Please respond!! This should be fun 🙂

Well, I’m really gonna try to get back on here daily (I was doing so good!!!!!! (tempted to have a 12-year-old temper tantrum (which would be very NOT pretty) in regards to how I lost my streak)). I hope you have a great (breezy) Saturday 🙂


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