One Year!!!

Hey! This is our one year anniversary with Elle Everyday!! Also, today is our survey day, where I will share our latest poll and results for last week’s. I have some cool news about tomorrow. And also, I have some interesting and cool information. Soooo yeah, here you go!

First, I’ll share our latest poll. This week’s poll will be focused on: Food!!! I have had several requests for this poll, so I decided I would do this poll a couple weeks ago. But of course, I’m so ahead in my polls that I created this one about a month ago, when it was first suggested by a very loyal reader who also happens to be my cousin (Hi, cousin!!! You know who you are, so I won’t give out names!! 🙂 ) I’m probably about a month ahead in my polls as of now… I have several very fun polls about to be released, so stay tuned!! Here’s the link to this Food poll.

Next, I’d like to give out the answers to my Blogger Knowledge poll, which was extremely fun to read the results for. We actually broke a six-week record for respondents!!! Because of this, I’ll probably be publishing another one of these soon 🙂 Now, I don’t want to give out all of my personal information that y’all were left guessing on, but one thing I will do is give out some of the more generalized or fun answers and share just how far y’all got off the correct answer 😛 (Note: The percentages or other information shared will NOT include my answers, as I test the system before with my own answer, and also to have fun. I may occasionally share my answers, however.)

Okay, so first of all, all the respondents agreed that I am a Christian. We have come to a good start.

As for dream career, we had some pretty much right-on answers… Like that cousin I mentioned before. Absolutely NAILED my dream career on the head: mission aviation. Other answers included “pilot” and “?”. Apparently, I need to start wearing more aviation T-shirts… Then maybe next time, there will be no doubt of my career choice.

For further education, that cousin of mine word-for-word copied my answer: flight school. Is it just me? Or is this getting strange? Some more responses include “? College” and “?”. What can I say? I leave people guessing.

Next, a multiple choice question (no question marks allowed in the answer here) brought in some interesting answers from a crowd that hasn’t heard me talk about this subject much. The question was whether I liked Frozen or not… And that cousin of mine answered correctly: No. I preferred to put NO NO NO NO, but I think it’s close enough. Now that I think about it, it is kinda strange that my cousin got that right, too… I had one “yes” answer, but the rest were a resounding “no,” and for some reason, I’m surprised my viewers know that much about my views on the subject, as I don’t talk about it much. It’s good to know I make my faith and views clear, though. If you’re wondering why I could possibly not like Frozen, I deeply encourage you to check out this website. It’s SOOOO worth the (short) read. Just do it this once. Just for me. And also, if you ever have spare time, start reading the other articles on this blog, a very informative and helpful site.

I asked my viewers how much I look like a Jesus-follower/Christian by my actions, etc., and I get an average of 9/10. I guess that’s ok, but I’m not quite sure what I need to brush up on to get to 10… But I’m also not quite sure I want y’all just suggesting right here and right now either… Well, at least there weren’t any question marks.

Everybody that answered happened to know I don’t attend public school. Including my cousin.

And they also happened to know I do have pets. Including my cousin. <sweating>

Everybody recognized that I play an instrument, but the answer of what instrument was varied, some answers including “ukulele,” which was the correct answer, and of course, submitted by (drumroll please) my cousin, “guitar,” which I wish I could say is true, but is sadly far from the truth, and of course, the classic. “?”

And last, my middle name. I’m not gonna blast my middle name out there for all to see for the sake of safety, but I will give you some of the other answers. Someone thought my middle name was “amazing.” I like the respondent who called me amazing. You know who you are 😉 My cousin got it right. No surprise there. And no surprise in that someone responded “?”. No kidding.

Also, I think I’m kinda tired of typing, and I’m certain that you’re tired of reading, so I’ll quit. But not after saying that we’re going to an awesome airshow tomorrow afternoon called Wings Over North Georgia in Rome. But that’s not an excuse to go book a ticket over the Pond and right on over to Italia. I’m referring to Rome, Georgia. Pretty cool, but not as thrilling. But I think I might pick an airshow above Italy. Or it would be a tough decision, even if I chose Italy. Oh, I have an idea!!! Let’s have an airshow in Rome, Georgia so that way we can do both!! And no ticket fares!!! Oh, wait. Someone already thought of that.

Also, if you want to go abroad, these foreign cities and regions might end up on your wish list right beside Rome: Athens, Cairo, Augusta, Brunswick, Dublin, Sparta, Vienna, Bremen, Bristol, and Smyrna.

Or, if you’re aiming low-budget, you can just head over to the Georgia equivalent to each of these towns: Athens, Georgia; Cairo (pronounced: KAY-ro), Georgia; Augusta, Georgia; Brunswick, Georgia; Dublin, Georgia; Sparta, Georgia; Vienna, Georgia; Bremen, Georgia; Bristol, Georgia; and Smyrna, Georgia.

Sorry, I’m kind of at a quirkiness level you didn’t have to witness. But you are still invited to join my dad and I for the airshow!!

I’m gonna kinda fly off to Rome, so if you’ll excuse me…



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