The Awkward Silence (A Gripping Story of a Blogger with No Words) + Weekly Poll + Results

Hello all! Today’s Saturday, time for our weekly poll, as well as poll results! First up, poll results.

Turns out, this music poll was our least responsive poll, as measured in a week. We only had 2 responses, and one of those was me!! So thanks to our one and only respondent! I’ll still analyze the responses for you, even though only 2 responses have been recorded. Our average rating of Lecrae turned out to be 8 out of 10, and the average rating of Francesca Battistelli strangely matched Lecrae’s rating. 100% of the respondents (2 out of 2, if you haven’t studied percentages yet 😛 ) enjoyed Christian hip-hop/rap. And that concludes our small amount of results! If you’d like to respond to this poll still, please do by checking out some of my former blogs, as it won’t be closed, but I won’t be recording the responses on the blog.

Second, our weekly quiz this time around is on Sports and Outdoors! I bet you wouldn’t have guessed by the nature of my athletic life… Hey, I like to swim! And my mother claims I’m freakishly strong. But I don’t know if I believe her. I guess I broke the car door by slamming it a little too hard. But just a little. Anyways, check out the new weekly poll here, and here’s hoping we get more responses!

Finally, … <awkward silence> Wait, what was I going to say finally? Let me go back into the room in which I thought of what I was going to say. <leaves and comes back> I still can’t remember. So just take this nice awkward silence as your “finally” today, and I’ll use the time to quietly escape my blog. So, um, bye, I guess. (?!?) See you Monday!


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