Music and Moves

Hey y’all! I’m very sorry about the lack of posts lately, but I’ve been extremely busy. Our awesome worship leader friends are moving in with us to go spread the Gospel when we leave for South Dakota and Nicaragua! For Labor Day, we chillaxed with them and two of our other great friends. What did y’all do for Labor Day? Also, I have had a request to make a post about music and my preferred artists. Sooo, I’ll do that now!

My top 5 favorite artists are (in no specific order) :

  • Hollyn
  • Lecrae
  • Tobymac
  • Housefires
  • for King and Country

I enjoy Christian worship music like that of Housefires, Christian hip-hop like that of Tobymac, Christian rap like that of Lecrae, Christian pop like that of Hollyn, and Christian “all-of-the-above” music like that of for King and Country.

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Signing off, Elle


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