Hey y’all! Just wanted to remind you that next month we have Elle Everyday Day! For those of you that are relatively new, Elle Everyday Day is always Thursday the 19th. Most times, there isn’t a Thursday the 19th, but when there is, it is Elle Everyday Day. Our last one was November 2015, and each time we have a challenge. I may or may not repeat November’s challenge, but that’s a surprise. 🙂

Oh, and for Youversion’s Bible app, I have some recommendations. First, I recommend reading out of the Message. It’s quite addictive. After all, it is MSG. 😉

Also, I recommend the plans “Elisha: A Tale of Ridiculous Faith,” “The Syllabus for Life’s Course,” “Josh McDowell’s Youth Devotions,” and “Here as in Heaven.” What I do is I start two or three plans depending on the size of the plans and how busy I am at the time. Then, when I finish up one plan, I start another one, or if I’m super busy, don’t replace the plan. This way, you end up with constantly varying, interesting topics.

So, I know this is an extremely long P.S., but I just wanted to get all this out there for everyone to read. 🙂


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