Many Things

Hello all! So much has happened, and only since I last posted!

So, the audition went seamlessly (other than the fact that I was crazy nervous but got better), but most of all I wanted to share something that happened this morning that changed my life forever.

First of all, before you read ANYMORE, watch this video: It is awesome! It is a cool clip from a Christian network. After you watch the video, you will understand how my life was changed. Make sure you watch before you read on.




So, assuming that everyone who has made it to this point has viewed this video, didn’t you enjoy it? Do you remember the part where Sid Roth proclaims healing near the end, especially for wrists, then flexes his right wrist and commands the pain to leave? Do you also remember what happened to my wrist? If not, head to my last posts to discover what’s been going on. And until you know about my wrist, don’t read on.




Okay, so now you’re probably wondering about my wrist, right? It’s completely healed!! The prayer he prayed made a difference for me, too. I am experiencing constant peace, even though often I want to get mad or hurt or sad. God is amazing! Your result could be different or really similar, but everybody’s is unique.

Some people reading this think it’s weird or are a bit hesitant or confused. It’s OK. I only pray that they (and you) will experience what I did, times ten. Jesus is King, and that’s all we need to know to begin our personal life-change.

Remember, this isn’t the end of your life-change. This is only the beginning.

After reading my (wonderful and inspiring) Bible plans and Bible verse and chapter of the day and watching this video, I was (and still am) pumped up, as you can imagine. So, afterward, I decided to work on priorities: praying for unsaved loved ones. I got out the letter I had received from Christ for all Nations to write down all of my unsaved loved ones. Once they were all written down, I prayed for them for about 30 minutes before I put the letter in the mailbox back to CfaN. Then, I decided to make today a special day of prayer, especially for them.

All righty y’all, I gotta go, but the post coming out shortly after this has some cool recommendations you may want to check out!



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