Right to the Point 2.0

Okay, so yes, I haven’t been here much. And yes, I am sorry. And of course, a lot of things have changed. And, as always, I will update you.

So, we closed SUCCESSFULLY and are now fully moved into our new house. Theoretically, that is. It’s all in boxes. Speaking of boxes, where are all of my clothes?!?

As for the wrist and toe, my wrist is better and I haven’t put my medicated cream on lately, the wart thingie on my toe is healing up with the help of colloidal silver (best medical panacea EVER), and apparently after kids lose about 8 teeth at around 6 or so, they lose the remaining TWELVE at around my age. I did not know this. Now I do, simply because of the fact that I lost a tooth last night and have another very painful, very loose one. OW. Oh, and I cut my finger with a dull chef’s knife yesterday at homeschool enrichment cooking class. You know, I bet it’s SUPER fun for you to read about all the symptoms of ailments I have.

That brings me to today! I have an praise team audition TONIGHT!!!! I will be singing (and playing on my ukulele) Oceans by Hillsong United. Please pray!

I am starting a garden! My dad and I planted some beet seeds (which resemble quinoa) in a seedling kit a couple weeks ago, and they are beautiful seedlings now! We will transplant them in our backyard garden shortly. We will also plant our garlic, onions, and cucumbers there. The plan is to grow berries and maybe even a fruit tree or two. Of course, we will grow other things in the garden, but those four things are decided and berries and fruit are a maybe, but hopefully a yes.

I must be going! I have to leave in 15 minutes and I haven’t eaten yet and I’m not ready. 🙂 Adios!


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