Christmas Eve Eve

It’s a beautiful winter season with beautiful weather. Maybe not a white Christmas, but it’s still beautiful. There’s two ways I like my Christmases: T-shirt weather or snow white. I think that if the weather has to be freezing, it might as well be pretty while it’s at it. If it has to be clear, it might as well be comfortable to stand in without shivering up a storm.

I hope that this Christmas is a wonderful gift-giving season. So many Christians decide to worship the baby at the manger once a year without regard to what he did thirty years later: die for us. Will you go to Him in the manger, or will you invite Him to come to you in your everyday life?

I hope you all have delightful holiday seasons. I will worship, no, not the manger, but the man who died on the cross for my sins.

I hope to inform you all of my gifts and fun things we do day after tomorrow. Be safe this week, and remember, who are you worshiping this Christmas season?


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