Of Gifts, Beautiful Saturdays, and Laptops

Hello everyone! I just received a touchscreen laptop for Christmas along with some clothes and some other big gifts! I am trading out my phone for my mom’s because she just got an s5! How was y’all’s (Am I supposed to put two apostrophes there?) Christmas? We had a quite wonderful time. We had a guest over for dinner at 5:30 and the four of us ended up talking until 12:15 AM today, when I went to bed. He and my parents talked for over an hour after I went to bed.

Another gift I received, one of my favorites alongside my laptop, is a new book set authored by Janet and Geoff Benge. It includes biographies on Isobel Kuhn, C.S. Lewis, John Wesley, and two others. I am almost done with Isobel Kuhn. It is a wonderful book.

More updates coming soon!


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