Back on Track

Ugh… Imagine: A Monday right after a “fall back” time change. That means your body thinks you’re waking up earlier than you really are according to outer space, AND it’s a Monday. Yeah, the day you have to go back to work and school. Ugh, right? Well, I guess I don’t have to tell you how you feel, because you just went through it! It’s the Tuesday afterward now, so things have calmed down. The time change is getting easier, and you have been at school or work for a day this week. You still yearn for Friday, but it’s closer than it was yesterday. Back on Track is the theme today, because it feels that you’re back in the work/school mode now. You finally answer to the alarm clock’s call, and your boss (who calls you when you don’t get there at precisely 7:00) doesn’t seem evil or mean. The teacher who yells at you when you’re late for class doesn’t seem like she’s ripping the weekend from you. Tuesday always seems that it’s a Back on Track day. You might even have a little fun on Tuesday with some cupcakes or cakes, putting a chocolate ganache in a circle around your dessert and then taking a small stream of yellow buttercream and piping in down the center. Maybe you could put little cars on it. Or maybe that’s just too extravagant for Back on Track Tuesday. Or, it could be “unhealthy”. (like we need anymore of that scolding) Tuesday for me is a day packed full of math and science. When you pile projects on top of that, you can see why I favor Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons. Wednesday mornings are in English and Friday afternoons in World Languages and Cultures. I hope your Tuesday is good! Please share this blog with friends and co-workers so they can have a happy Tuesday! We are getting close to our deadline for a hundred views, so bring it on!


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