I know a lot of people think Monday isn’t so great and I agree. First of all, you go back to school or work and desert your good friend Weekend in the dust. You say good-bye to neighbors and friends and let the wonderful smell of barbeque drift away from your nose. You say farewell to weekend bike rides or shopping, and family time during the day is left at the curb. Even though Monday has some downsides, there are some upsides, rather you believe me or not. You get to see friends and co-workers once again. If you work, you’re back making money. If you’re at school, you’re one day closer to that college acceptance letter. Through all of Monday’s ups and downs, I know at least one thing that can keep the mood up during the day: My blog and your favorite music. Oh, and a tasty snack. One homework (or workplace) snack I recommend is a cheese roll-up. There isn’t any work to it, and you can eat without indulging on dessert early. Sweet snacks are tempting, so you can “motivate” or just find an excuse into eating a brownie. Keep the cookies and cakes away until dessert, and instead use a cheese roll-up! All you do is unwrap a cheese stick (commonly sold at grocery stores in the cheese or dairy sections) and place it inside a flour tortilla. Roll up and microwave for one minute! It may not be the healthiest thing on earth, but it does satisfy your “unhealthy” craving without steering you toward the sweets. You can add whatever you like to make it more (or less) healthy, or trade out fillings. You could also change the wrap material, making it a spinach wrap, or even a simple rolled-out bread slice. Personalize as your own! So snack down on whatever you made out of the idea, and enjoy your first day of homework. Have fun! I hope to see you and your invites on the blog sometime soon! Stay updated and stay safe. :~)


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