Due to technical difficulties, we are not able to post a video blog on this blog, but we will try to fix that as soon as possible. In the meantime, today’s Saturday! To a lot of people it’s Halloween, but to my family, who does not celebrate Halloween, it’s just an awesome Saturday. I’ll probably post sometime later this afternoon, but I thought right now might be a good time to post as well. Thank you for bringing in the views and inviting your friends! We will surely reach our goal of one hundred by next Thursday! And if you have been invited to this blog by someone else, thank them for me and then invite five more people! Meanwhile, let’s have some Saturday fun! I am about to go to the library to pick up seven more books in an awesome series. Then, we will head out to my Nana’s house, where we will maintain the house as usual. Right now, I am watching some video on flying, like flying through a hangar and some cool St. Maarten landings and take-offs. Did I mention I am a pilot? Well, now you know. Stay tuned, and for all my pilot friends out there, I may just post some cool links. :~)


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