Alaska, Here We Come!

I’m super excited to announce our soon-to-be departure for Alaska!

Lord willing, we’re leaving tomorrow, but that is always subject to change.

I’d love to keep y’all updated on our trip, but that’s not guaranteed either, as we’re tent camping and most likely will not have Internet. For that reason, the mission timeline will most likely not reflect the most current information.

Please be in prayer for our travels and that many divine connections and salvations will occur along the way and once we arrive. I’ll plan to keep y’all updated whenever possible.

We have had several new material blessings to add to the ministry lately!

The first is a beautiful two-room ten-person tent we got yesterday that’s SO easy to set up! It’s an amazing blessing to use during our extensive week-long trip. We’re excited for the spaciousness of the tent which means it can be used with the dogs, I can have my own room, and it’s easier to set up base in Alaska. We’re not sure if we’ll be living in a cabin, which our aunt is trying to arrange, a tent, which we have prepared, or something else, but we’re excited to see how the Lord provides.

The second is a super cool survival watch I just got!! It’s a normal (military time) digital watch, complete with an adjustable alarm, hourly alarm, and stopwatch. At least that’s how it looks. On the outside, you have a few extra survival gadgets hidden.

The first of those is the watch bracelet itself, which is made out of black paracord. If in desperate need, it is possible to unravel the bracelet itself (but if you don’t have paracord skills, you won’t have a cool watch strap anymore) to supply yourself with an ample supply of strong paracord.

The second is a super cool addition to the buckle – a safety whistle. It’s a normal buckle, the kind that slides into the other, but on the side that slides in, the thing suddenly widens with a small knob protruding toward your wrist. This knob is what you put your lips around and blow very hard on to produce a very high-pitched, shrill whistle. My parents and I have reached an agreement to only use it during emergencies so I don’t turn into “The Girl Who Cried Whistle.” And so I don’t drive them ’round the bend.

The third is also in the buckle. So, you know those two things that bend inward when you push the one side into the other? Well, in the middle of these two things is a little rod of flint – and the other side of the buckle is equipped with a protruding rectangle of steel with a dull, serrated blade on it to strike the flint with.

And it’s water resistant!

Wow, I talked about that for a long time. Anyways, we love y’all!


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