Some of my New Projects + Charging for the Gospel – Is It Right? Combo Blog


First of all, I have not forgotten about Elle Everyday just because we’re in America again – I’ve just been so busy with school I’ve barely had time to do anything. In fact, I’ve been creating two more posts along the lines of the language learning guide I posted a while ago. (You can see that here) Except they’re not about language – they’re more guides and information stuff that are about two different topics, but both still pertaining to Nicaragua. I just might make a short series of blogs out of it about Nicaragua’s culture, language, and other fun facts. But who knows 🙂

Second, I need you to help me. I’ve been going through culture shock lately, along with jet lag, trying to double/triple up on school, and lasting fatigue from my bout with tropical diseases, and I’m not quite sure what to do with my blog to adjust back into American life. I don’t want my blog to be boring, overly childlike, or for my posts to be few and far between. Please help me and my blog adjust by putting some comments and suggestions through the contact form or commenting your ideas below. I may create a Typeform dedicated to this purpose, but only if I find time later this week.

Third and finally, I wanted to let you know that I started working on a series of PowerPoint lessons/Bible studies titled Out of the Box in Nicaragua. It helps people learn their true callings, what the true church is, etc. I already have blog posts out about that stuff, but I didn’t want to make people sift through my blog to learn. For my followers, that may be effective, but for everyone else, it may not be.

So I’m creating a series that’s completely independent of my blog. It is an interactive study, requiring you to get involved with the people around you and with the Lord. It also has intensive, but very do-able (for all ages) assignments. I created it to be colorful, with easy-to-understand and yet descriptive verbiage – I want it to be something a child can easily understand!

And yet intensive – so you can become who God made you to be, not tied down to listen to brain-washing, ear-tickling sermons for the rest of your life.

My dream is also for it to be completely free.

Why is it free?

In my mind, it’s blasphemy to charge for the Gospel or for helping people spread it. It is taking the Lord’s message of salvation or message of the Great Commission and making it your own and then charging for people to hear it. A person with a true heart to get the news out would let it get out freely. (literally – freely) Not to say that there are not people who want the news out and still charge for their material – there are. I just think it’s wrong.

Another reason I want it to be free is because when there are charges, the focus is placed on you.

Anyways, I’m SUPER excited about releasing that for use in Bible studies, small groups, families, conferences, large groups, or even one-on-one use! Please be in prayer for the release of Out of the Box.

See you later!


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