Prayer Requests

Hey y’all!

I just wanted to throw some prayer requests out there 🙂

  • Safety – we walk everywhere, and it’s not always the safest side of town
  • Salvations – the Kingdom is top priority! Acts 20:24
  • Guidance – we’re looking at renting a house and need to know which, if any, is in the Lord’s will for us in this season. We are comfortable with the church, but we feel that this season is coming to an end.
  • Health – it’s been a rocky road health-wise. All (my dad, my mom, Germano, Dani, their toddler Lala, and I) of us, with the exception of my dad, have had diarrhea. My mom and I had a very high fever, chills, and body aches for about a day. And Germano, Dani and Lala all have a bad cough. The other day, my dad slipped and fell on the steep, slippery slope on the way down into the city from the church. It ripped open his jeans and his skin. Lala fell down and had to go to the hospital, and then several more times after that for symptoms of dengue fever. But the Lord is good and it’s been worth it!!!
  • Restoration – the work takes a bit of a toll on our bodies. Today especially it’s been really tiring.

It’s been an amazing time! The Lord has provided every need, just like He said He would. He’ll do it for you, too! Our transportation, lodging, translation, etc. has all been taken care of!

When we need to get somewhere, we walk. One day, we even trekked up the bowl that makes up Matagalpa to get to a lookout! <panting as I think about it> It was worth a cab ride. If it’s over 4 miles and/or really steep, we’ll take a taxi or a friend’s vehicle. Sometimes, if we’re REALLY tired and want a break, we’ll take a taxi, but not too often. We average at least 2 to 4 miles every day, most of that with very steep terrain. We balance it out with occasional ice cream and the regular local high-carb food.

We’ve been sleeping in the floor of the church and eating with the locals.

And someone’s always there that speaks English and Spanish. If not, my Spanish seems to get us by. Germano has been such a huge help!

All right, I’m done now! Stay tuned for more updates. Thanks so much!


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