The Great Omission

Hey y’all! I’m back again with a short, but sure enough, streak. (YAY!!)

I told y’all I would keep you updated on my reading progress for The Great Omission by Steve Saint, and how it was unfolding. I have finished Chapter 1, along with the pictures and extra Waodani info after it.

Pros: Well, so far he’s made several very hard-hitting and truthful pleas for mission workers, and truth about how we need to equip others to start doing the work themselves rather than excluding them from the Great Commission, and in so doing, cutting them off from the work they were created and called to do. It has also provided much information about Steve Saint and his family’s work there in the Ecuadorian Oriente and with the Waodani (AKA the Waorani). And, he’s a pilot!!!!!

Cons: However, there have been some untruths regarding “church,” like the necessity of a set-up, denomination-realized church with pastors, elders, deacons, and the whole nine yards. His mentality is that of that we must first create converts, then start an established church (not ekklesia like the Greek says, but rather, what we think of now as church), after which you reform their world to the 21st century one. He has revolutionary ideas, but it’s still not a model I would suggest following.

If you’re interested in more information regarding ekklesia, or you are wondering what problem there is in this mentality listed above, please read this article. I don’t agree with everything the writer says, but it does give you some extra info on the deep subject. I don’t agree with his/her stance on the 2nd question answered at the bottom, as synagogues tend to be called things like dens of vipers and other similar phrases in the Word.

That said, I do hope you will read that article.

I gotta go, as I need to do some Typeform work and practice my ukulele, not to mention the fact I want to continue reading The Great Omission today so I can have some more information to talk about tomorrow 🙂

See y’all tomorrow!!


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