Miracles, Signs, and Wonders

Big things are happening! We want to get out to the mission field, as well as South Dakota, and keep up a “nomadic” itinerant schedule of three or four months each in South Dakota, Nicaragua, here in Georgia, and of course, allow time for trips to other locations here and there. We were waiting for the open door to make this happen.

Well, the Lord seems to know what he’s doing, because on Friday, a Brazilian woman whose name was Dani, and her husband, Germano, both wonderful Christian worship leaders who have been in the States for 4 months, posted on Facebook asking if anyone had a place to rent. Through God’s and an interpreter’s help, they have now agreed to rent out our front bedroom with their infant daughter and care for our yard and home while we are away. Our pets would come with us on long-term domestic trips, but now they will be able to stay home during international trip.

That’s not all! My dad quit his job with a ten-day notice today so we can do it!! God’s so good! Updates coming down the pike!


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