Cold, Blustery, Snowy Saturdays

Hey y’all! I greet you on an unexpected blustery Saturday. It’s snowing! Where we live, it’s a miracle!!! 

I am learning ukulele, and I am really excited!! I already know a chord or two and I can play one song with sheet music. I am really excited! I hope to learn guitar after ukulele, and one of my long-term goals is to learn another instrument like a flute or violin. As for learning, I also have some other goals.

I would like to learn Spanish fluently, as well as maybe some basics of other languages. I already know the numbers up to 99 in German, as well as the numbers up to 39 in Spanish. I plan on improving my Spanish. I think I know my numbers up to 10 in French. 

Anyway, I am learning a tad bit of Latin of late, and I plan to learn a little bit of basic Chinese after Latin. I’ll keep you updated on my language progress!

Stay tuned on Elle Everyday!


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