God spared our lives

Thought y’all might enjoy this post as much as I did 🙂

Jesus our deliverer

God spared usGod spared our lives!

On August 21st, my oldest brother (Michael) and I were driving on a two-way road when an oncoming vehicle crossed the yellow line and hit us head-on.

We were taken to the hospital by ambulance.  After 6 stitches and observations, I was discharged the following evening.

God worked it out perfectly; the morning before the accident, I had finished editing a film we’re making about a widow friend of ours; Jill Hunter Clem(Coming soon).  In the trauma bay and while being sutured, I was able to share her story with the nurses and doctors.

In our upcoming film, “Satisfied”, I play the role of Shawn.  In the film, Shawn is hit by a car and taken to the hospital.  With permission we were able to film the hospital scene, right before I was discharged!

God is good! He is faithful! We know that…

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Overcoming Fears

Y’all check this post out. I couldn’t agree more, as Lee addresses something I’ve dealt with, and I pray this touches you as it has me.

Lee Ammerman

Fear has a funny way of lying to you. Fear tells you that “it’s always going to be this way” or, “the worst will happen.” Your own fears are always more real to you than the ones someone else struggles with. So, is there a way out of fear, or is it something you’ll always struggle with?

My own struggle

I recently battled with fear myself. I was afraid of falling into pride. I don’t like what pride does to people. It’s actually very silly when you think about it. Especially when it comes to Supernatural Ministry. If we know anything, we know that God is the one who heals, speaks, delivers, and saves. So thinking that I had some strength in myself to accomplish that would be really laughable. However, fear whispered to me, “you see, that’s why you’re excited about speaking in front of people…

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