My New YouTube Channel!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share some quick news – I started a YouTube channel and you can check it out here! It would mean so much if you could check my videos out, subscribe, and share them on your blog/social media.

So far, I’m making 15 to 60 second shorts, just as a quick word of encouragement, and I’m hoping to transition into longer videos covering Bible topics, worship music, mission trips, Q&As, and some fun things I’ll be up to while keeping up consistent encouragement through shorts. Do y’all have any suggestions/questions/songs you’d like me to cover? Any Christian song requests? And do y’all have any equipment suggestions for transitioning into longer vids? I’m currently recording on my phone and would love to hear what y’all think for upgrading.

Also, I’m looking forward to getting to go live on YouTube when I get enough subscribers! So be sure to subscribe and share so I can start that up 😁

I’m planning to be back on the blog very soon so stay tuned for that, and I’m looking forward to getting to put out more consistent content soon 🙂Love y’all! Always feel free to drop any prayer requests down in the comments ❤️


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