The Last Six Months Illustrated

So I’ve been talking about perhaps writing a post about what’s God been doing in our lives, so I thought I’d drop by and give y’all a quick snippet of what’s happened since the summer of 2019 up until now, as well as what the Lord has been teaching me. Warning: this post is loaded with pictures of things and people you may not recognize–I, for one, like posts like this, but I am aware some people do not πŸ˜€

elle teagan and brayden playing pickleball

Around July-ish I started playing pickleball, through which we got to build several amazing relationships and witnessing opportunities–it always amazes me what the Lord uses!! Always keep a good witness and be bold with what the Lord is telling you to say and do! He can bring a soul to Himself through such things as pickleball in these last days, so keep yourself ready for what He will do!

mama killing rattlesnake.jpg

Several rattlesnakes were found on our property this summer, and all but one were killed (the other got away). See above one of our methods of exterminating rattlers ^

tomato flower

I planted a vegetable garden! Even though it wasn’t terribly successful, it was a good experience and it gave me a real life example of how we get to plant seeds of evangelism, water, and fertilize in faith that the seed will come up, even if it comes up differently or on a different schedule than planned. (literally the story of my entire garden)

sunset on 79

Am I the only one who likes car pictures with the muck on the window included? (Honestly, though, I can’t tell how much of that is the muck on my screen and how much is on the window πŸ€”)

elle driving alone

I drove alone for the first time!!

elle riding horseback.jpg

I also rode horseback thanks for the generous gift of a dear friend πŸ™‚

elle giving testimony 2

I gave my testimony at the local high school FCA’s Fields of Faith in October!! (This event is traditionally held on a football field, in case you were wondering, but this is October in cold country, so we have it in a gymnasium XD) Such an amazing opportunity, and it reminded me once again to step out on what He says to do no matter if you’re nervous or don’t have an outline (both of these were my story). (also please disregard the guy’s head in the lower right corner…I don’t even think I have a picture without that guy’s hair in it)



The parents and I, along with my honorary little bro, trucked off to Nebraska for a quick day trip to the cousins’ farm in mid-October. It was so good to see the cousins and their adorable young goats and kittens!


I started knitting and started off with potholders and such. ^ Definitely a much better way to spend time than screens πŸ˜€


I started helping my dad on his seasonal UPS route that he has been doing this winter to be able to reach out into the community and raise money for our next trip. These horses were at one delivery location πŸ™‚


Random picture of the Dutch braids my beautiful friend Hannah gave me



These are pictures of our new Manitoban friends when they stopped by on their way up north from serving at a ministry in California. The top one is me with their daughter Megan, who is two days older than me. Such a wonderful time with them!!


I also started crocheting–no, please don’t make me decide between knitting and crocheting!! Finally being involved with something creatively stimulating has been a blessing for me as I discover we all enjoy creativity because it is a facet of His character!



Here’s some random pictures of my knitting after I got a bit better πŸ˜€


This is what happens when I start playing Scrabble…I very much prefer building things with the letters over actually playing the game. 🀷

Ahem…I kinda think this post is long enough without my including what I have learned specifically lately, so I just might have to post about my knee-mail class of late in a separate post πŸ˜€


Have you ever knitted, crocheted, or played pickleball? Are you a Scrabble fan or do you prefer building with your tiles? What lessons has God been teaching you this season? Oh, and have you ever been to Fields of Faith?


51 thoughts on “The Last Six Months Illustrated

  1. Awesome post, Elle!! Gosh, y’all have done a lot in the last 6 months. I really like to crochet!! I mainly make beanies and scarfs, but I’m currently trying to make a cocoon. It’s sort of coming out. πŸ˜… And, I’m a total Scrabble fan! I like to play with my mom because my dad and sister don’t like to play. Lately, God has been teaching me to trust Him with everything, especially school. I’m such a perfectionist and I dislike to fail. I’m starting to get better about it, but He’s still working on me!

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    1. Aww thanks, Heaven!! Haha, I suppose we have done a lot 😁 Ohh awesome! That’s super cool that you crochet. So do you have just the one sister? Amen, it’s so important to learn to trust Him with everything!

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              1. Currently, I’m 14. So, I’m 4 years younger than my second oldest sister, 8 years younger than my second oldest brother, 12 years youner than my oldest brother, and 18 years younger than my oldest sister. πŸ˜€

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                    1. I actually don’t have any 😁 I “adopted” a couple brothers and a couple sisters (two 12yo bros, a 20yo sister, and a 7yo sister)…and then there’s my friends’ little sisters which have basically adopted me too.

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      1. Stephanie

        Hey Elle! Sorry I haven’t been on lately! To answer your questions: I have tried knitting and crocheting. I’m horrible at both!
        I LOVE Scrabble! I have some great memories playing with Nana.
        God has been teaching me to just trust him and stop worrying so much about everything.

        And finally… I never officially participated in Fields of Faith… but I have some interesting stories about it. I can tell you at a later time.

        Love you!

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        1. Aw, hey Stephanie! You’re just fine πŸ€—

          I’m sure you could get good at it with some practice! You saw that first picture of knitting I did πŸ˜‚πŸ˜¬ Aw, yes, that had to be Nana’s favorite game. For some reason I didn’t catch the gene…🀷 I guess even though I like words I’m more visual/tactile and like to do stuff with the tiles haha. That’s beautiful what God’s been teaching you! I’d love to hear the stories about Fields of Faith 😁 Love you more!


  2. Kiara

    Hi Elle. My name is Kiara. I love your blog . Nice to meet you . I do have a question though and please forgive me if it sounds like I’m being harsh. You know howcti drive ? I was just wondering because on your blog it says your 15 years old and usually you don’t start driving till you’re 16 .β™₯️

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    1. Hello, nice to meet you, Kiara! Doesn’t sound harsh at all πŸ™‚ Here in South Dakota you can get your learner’s permit at 14, begin to drive alone between 6am and 10pm after six months of having your learner’s, and then you can get your license at 16. I think most other states require for you to be 15 to learn to drive and 16 for you to get your license and drive alone 😁

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  3. I loved this post and all the pictures!!! You should do more picture posts. πŸ™‚ The braids are so cute on you! And isn’t driving os much fun?! I know how to knit and crochet, but I don’t do it very often, and I can’t say I’m very good at it at all, lol! and i LOVE the game Scrabble!!!
    Awesome post!

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    1. Aww thanks so much for the sweet comment! I love looking at picture posts from others so I thought I would share some pics of my own 😊 Yes, driving is so fun! Oh that’s neat that you know how to knit and crochet…getting good just takes practice, or so I’m told. I’ve still got a ways to go on that myself πŸ˜πŸ˜† Haha it seems Scrabble is pretty popular among my readers…maybe it’s a blogger thing that I missed out on πŸ€” Have a wonderful day!


    1. Thanks πŸ˜‚ Yep, most of those are my dad’s lol. Thanks for the nomination! I might be able to do it after I finish my senior year but we shall see…life is pretty busy till then haha. Thanks again and blessings on y’all’s mission work!

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  5. Thanks for the comment on my post, Elle. I loved reading this! Believe it or not I find life update posts like this fascinating, so I really enjoyed this. And you are so pretty! Those Dutch braids Hannah did are fantastic. Have you ever tried doing them on yourself? It takes practice, but it’s my favorite style to do on myself!

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    1. Aw yay Madi, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I like life update posts too 😊 Aww thank you so much! Since this post I have gotten to where I’ll do them on myself, and they are pretty fun, but they do take a lot of practice like you said 😁 Thanks again for commenting! πŸ™Œ

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