Book Review: She Prays

Note: Shoutout to the kind folks at Revell Books for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for a review! Thank y’all for this opportunity!


Image result for she praysDebbie Lindell’s She Prays is a one-month devo geared for ladies who want to grow in their own personal prayer journey. Starting out with identity and ending in powerful prayer for those around you, this journey is a dynamic one I would recommend but with a few hesitations. Let’s get into that now!





The Things I Liked

  • The last section on powerful prayer was soooo applicable to what I have been going through these last few months. I began to realize only then that this is a dynamic journey, and the last section was the section that most mirrored my life in prayer recently, so it appealed to me the most.
  • The importance of living a life separate from sin is mentioned several times, which is very important to the message of the Gospel.
  • Healing is mentioned, along with other miraculous moves of God.

The Things I Didn’t Like

  • There was a bit of a feminine influence on something (prayer) that applies to both genders, which could limit the readership significantly.
  • The first two or three sections in the book didn’t appeal to me too well, and almost came across as scattered. As I said, I figured out later that this was just because those sections didn’t mirror my current prayer life, so you may have different results depending on your individual dynamic prayer life.
  • There was a bit of mockery in the foreword (which was not, of course, written by the author), which didn’t set too well. But this attitude wasn’t kept up throughout the entire book, so I wouldn’t let that prevent you from purchasing the book if you’re interested.
  • There was an interesting day in the devotion that was distinctly Trinitarian in nature. I definitely did not agree with everything in that particular chapter, and the way the author used to describe the different manifestations of God was not one I would endorse.

Note to Parents

Because this is a devotional, I don’t have too many red flags to raise here, but I do have a couple. The first and foremost comes up when the author shares her personal story in which she was so physically weak from having children that her doctor said she should either stop having children or undergo a procedure. She opted for the procedure, citing as her reason “we loved having sex.” She later went on to describe a little boy in a Sunday school class pulling down his pants and “showing off his genitals.” For these reasons, I wouldn’t recommend this book for a young child, but there are no other issues I would have for tweens and up.


If you are looking for a step-by-step journey to bring you along into powerful prayer in your prayer life, this might be the book for you! Even if you are at a different place in your prayer walk, you may find that the latter two sections of the book apply more to you than the first couple sections, so skip ahead before you give up on the book entirely. While I wouldn’t find this the most masculine book in the world, I still would recommend you husbands borrow it from your wives for your own journey, or, better yet, read it together.

How to Purchase

Check this book out on Amazon for $11.30 or on ThriftBooks for $13.57. (If you dig a little harder than I did, you may find even cheaper prices, especially for e-books!)


Do you have any questions about this book or suggestions for upcoming book reviews? Would you like to see a future post on the wonderful things that have been happening in my life through prayer recently? Let me know below!


6 thoughts on “Book Review: She Prays

  1. I loved reading this review! So glad you found something you enjoyed in the last section of the book 🙂 Um that’s weird that the foreword didn’t match the rest of the book? Forewords are supposed to set the tone for the book! XD

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        1. Well, the foreword author wasn’t being mocking toward the content of the book, but had a mocking attitude in her writing in general. For example, she described a fictional devoted, praying Christian woman that woke up at three to pray and bake her casseroles for the needy in a mocking way. Sorry that wasn’t clear!!

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