Some Big Changes on the Blog

First of all, I’d like to apologize for my lack of posts lately. For some time now, I’ve had this idea that unless I had something deep and revelatory to say, I shouldn’t say anything. Because the Lord hadn’t led me to say anything so important and profound, I haven’t updated my site much at all in the last few months.

But very recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that this site is called Elle’s Everyday, not Elle’s Deep and Revelatory Thoughts. While such thoughts are indeed a big part of my everyday life, they are not all of it, and I recognize that many readers appreciate a glimpse into life beyond my deep ramblings. And so I’ve decided to make a couple changes:

1) Write about the rest of my life

This may include book reviews, recent pictures, mission life and updates, and whatever else characterizes my life at that point. No worries: I still plan to write Deep and Revelatory Thoughtsโ„ข (just kidding, that’s not actually trademarked XD), and I pray, as I’ve been reminded recently by my dad and a fellow blogger, none of my words are in vain, and all point to Christ. So some posts may be centered around a story with spiritual tie-ins, while others may be a revelation post with a story analogy. Still others may consist of testimonies, pictures of mission life, or a Christian book review. But I pray everything written by me points to Christ, whatever avenue those words may take.

2) Categorize my posts

You’ll probably notice along the right sidebar (toward the bottom) that I am categorizing my posts into book reviews, spiritual life, mission review, and uncategorized (uncategorized means everything all together). This will allow you to sort out my posts depending on what content you’re in the mood for. Note: these categories will probably change as I shift over into this new blogging style.

(Later note: you may notice that I used to have a lifestyle category back when I first published this post…but I got to discussing and thinking and praying, and I came to the conclusion that lifestyle and spiritual life should preferably be inseparable, and to separate them into categories is sadly ironic)

I’d very much appreciate it if y’all would let me know how you like the changes as they occur, either in my contact form, privately, or in the comments. It means a lot! Stay tuned for my next post, which should happen in the next two weeks (not) and is probably going to be along the book review or recent life lines.

Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚






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