An Update on Health and EKLSiA

Hello, hello!

It’s been a while since I was on here, and though I really want to write a fuego-filled blog (and I have a ton of ideas), I don’t quite feel released to do so yet. So I’m writing an update on my health, and on EKLSiA (our ministry – yes, I spelled that right).

Note: Please see this post for the first update on my recent health.

My original blood tests came back positive for Lyme disease, so they did more tests on me. The second round of tests came back for sure positive for mono, but not so sure on Lyme. The doctors don’t think I have Lyme, but they’re not sure.

So they put me on an extra ten days of really strong antibiotics (I had already taken ten days of really strong antibiotics because of my sinus infection) which end tomorrow (!!!!), and I get to see an infectious disease doctor down in Atlanta next Thursday – please be in prayer about that.

I went to the pediatric cardiologist last week, and found out that a lot of times teenagers have occasional bouts of SVT, and that they can be activated by sickness and dehydration, among other things. I had mono, a sinus infection, dehydration, and possibly even Lyme during the time I was having SVT the worst, and my age ends with four letters that happen to be “teen”, so it’s not uncommon, apparently.

So the cardiologist wasn’t concerned about my heart, and said he was quite certain that I will grow out of it, and I may not even have any more after recovery.

I’m super excited and blessed to have that good news!

But he still put a 24-hour EKG on me for a week, which I took off yesterday!! (I’ve never felt so itchy in my life!!)

I get to go back to the cardiologist to follow up in three weeks to discuss my progress and possibly review my EKG results.

I still feel weak and tired pretty much all the time here lately, and I can’t stay up very late. And I’ve occasionally gotten dizzy due to a fast heart rate.

But, thank you Jesus, my sinus infection is completely gone, and I haven’t had any heart rate experiences in the 180s recently like I was before.

I’m super excited simply because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (His name’s Jesus, by the way), and I really want to feel like myself again after six whole weeks of feeling like crud!

Also, please be in prayer for my parents, and their health. My dad’s blood sugar has been dangerously high, but with some medicine, diet, exercise, and, most importantly, prayer, it has gone down some. Please continue to pray for that.

Meanwhile, my mom has had a couple symptoms of the Lyme she kicked earlier this year reappear. We’re definitely praying for her, and would appreciate if you do, too.

Meanwhile, I’m developing our ministry site at It’s not done yet, and some pages are temporarily closed for construction, but feel free to check out those pages that are open. Also, feel free to contact us, either through my contact form on this site, the contact form on the EKLSiA website, or some other avenue if you see an issue on a page that is open to the public.

Thank you for listening to my ramblings, and I hope to see you back on here soon when I actually write a substantial post on the important things of life (i.e., Jesus)!


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