The Great Commission: My Life Message

Here’s an awesome blog of mine that I found from five months ago… Please read it and take it to heart. There is freedom for you from the same old bondage that has tormented you all along. Hallelujah, Jesus paid for our freedom! We should be so thrilled about that fact we just can’t help but share it. Please share this post!

Elle's Everyday

This is another old treasure I dug up in my Google Keep – and I thought I’d share. Please consider what I’m saying, and be blessed!

Go read Matthew 28: 19-20. In the NIRV, KJV, and many other versions, it says for us (everyone) to go: not married people, not adults, not youth, not good-looking, not popular, not ordained people, not prophets, not apostles, not pastors, not famous, and not the most spiritual.

This command is for ALL of us.

There are no prejudices in the Kingdom of God. There are no age limits in the Kingdom of God. There is no discrimination in the Kingdom of God. There are no favorites in the Kingdom of God.

There is a command, not a suggestion, straight from the lips of Jesus. This command is for all. We must follow it, not as a suggestion, good idea, or otherwise. It is…

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